The idea is quite simple, if you've designed a board, and want to add the ability to display graphics and text into a VGA monitor, LCD or CRT either, here you will find the solution to your problem.
If instead what you need is an ethernet connection, we can offer it, perhaps what you need is a keyboard input or mouse PS2, and why not? If you got it here.
Besides all our options are linkable or expandable, and if you bet big, why not to try a powerful board with FPGA?.
If it still does not solve your problem, consult us, and we'll design to your needs, we do not care how much boards you need.


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Ethernet set of boards ready for action.
See details here.
Boards for: professionals, hobbyists, industry, and anyone  who wants to add quality  to their designs.
     Download a video showing ethernet boards controlling an LED display.
Download video

     Main features of our boards.
  • All boards announced here, are resolved with parts 100% imported from USA.
  • The vast majority of our boards uses SMD components.
  • We provide any replacement part for them.
  • All boards provide, were tested and proven.
  • We provide sample source code for them.
  • We also provide custom software if necessary.
  • At the moment all our microcontroller boards, use the "Propeller Microcontroller" by  Parallax Inc.
  • In the case of having some kind of CPLD or FPGA, they will be of the Altera line.
  • The PCB's are made by Mayer Inc in Argentina. (Best quality in our country)

      Any questions or concerns, you may have regarding our products - please, contact us.

History and news.

BTX Sistemas born automating industrial machinery.

17/01/2011 BTX Sistemas has launched its new site.
Boards for VGA graphics, SVGA and XGA,....
ETHERNET port boards, .....
boards with 8-channel ADC over VGA, .....
boards with CPLD, .....
boards with ALTERA FPGA's, .....
PESONALIZED boards, .....
and much more !!.....

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Here are some examples of our custom electronic board developments for product manufacturers. Click on the image to see details.
PLC board 24 digital inputs - 24 digital outputs - 6 analog outputs.

Camera boards for artificial intelligence, suitable for 4D car aligners.
Analog alignment boards for cars and trucks. VGA output.
Boards for LED lights control.

Thermostat boards, special for bird incubators.
Premium boarrds for machinery factories, or for especific products that needs electronic technology in their development.